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Ruffled Birds Nest (Asplenium antiquum 'Victoria')

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Commonly called the Ruffled Birds Nest Fern, this spectacular fern is one of the most impressive of all the. Very popular as an indoor feature plant where it seems to thrive.

The Ruffled Birds Nest (Asplenium antiquum 'Victoria') is a curly crested fern, like glamorous parsley - ideal for subtropical shade planting, indoor gardens, green walls and in the forks of trees. They are a shade loving foliage plant suited to ferneries & rock gardens, or a shady spot indoors.

Botanical Name

Asplenium antiquum 'Victoria'

Size (Can grow to)

Height – Climbing to around .8 metres & Spread – Climbing to .8 metre. Growth rate – slow-medium. Can take many years to become fully established

Growth Habit



Semi-shaded place outdoor or a well-lit position indoors to avoid direct sunlight.


Ferns thrive in humid conditions, provide frequent watering and misting during the warmer months and less during winter. Let the soil dry out a little between watering. Apply a liquid based fertiliser every 4 weeks during the warmer months, take care to dilute your solution to at least half the recommended dose to avoid burn. Re-pot container plants only if they are outgrowing their pots. Tolerates light frost once established.