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Pink Spot Begonia (Begonia 'Serratipetala')

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Begonia serratipetala is a small, stem-forming begonia. This stunning begonia showcases dark green leaves with serrated edges and bright pink spots. The thin stems are red and can grow taller with a little support, but without help they bend to the side under their own weight - making them ideal for hanging pots. They also produce petite pink flowers during flowering season (Spring). 

As frost-tender subtropical plants, Begonia is perfect for indoors. Place them indoors in bright light but out of direct sun. Avoid keeping the soil too wet, allow the top to dry slightly between waterings.

Botanical Name

Begonia 'Serratipetala'

Size (Can grow to)

Small, compact. Begonia 'Serratipetala' grows to a maximum of about 50-60cm tall when given a support. If left without a support they will reach 40-50cm. The leaves are usually asymmetric, extending to approximately 5-10 cm in length


Bright lit position out of direct sunlight. They do not like getting cold. Over the winter try not to let them sit in an area that will get below 15 degrees Celcius.


When the top is dry give it a very good soak.