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Begonia "Bright Eyes"

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Styled in Bower Pot

Begonia "Bright Eyes" are grown for their beautiful foliage. It produces amazing leaf shape and patterns of bright green and burgundy. It is a miniature cultivar with leaves up to 4cm across. 

When grown under ideal conditions, Begonia Bright Eyesproduces clusters of bright green blooms. 

As frost-tender subtropical plants, Begonia Bright Eyes are perfect for indoors. Place them indoors in bright light but out of direct sun. Avoid keeping the soil too wet, allow the top to dry slightly between waterings

Bot/anical Name
Begonia Bright Eyes

Size (Can grow to)
Small, compact. Begonia Bright Eyes grows to a maximum of about 20-30cm tall. The leaves are usually asymmetric, extending to approximately 5-10 cm in length

Bright lit position out of direct sunlight. They do not like getting cold. Over the winter try not to let them sit in an area that will get below 15 degrees Celcius.

When the top is dry give it a very good soak. They love high humidity so a pebble tray works well.