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Assorted Orchid (Mericlone)

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The pictured plant is the actual plant for sale. It is a 1 spike upright following orchid 

Mericlones are orchids propagated with tissue culture, so are true to type. Orchids are of show winning quality and are well loved by indoor plant enthusiasts. They are the subject of intensive breeding, that seeks out more vibrant colours and showier forms.

Orchids can produce multiple spikes of flowers. Their roots often stretch out from the base of this stem. These aerial roots that will roam free of the containers and can grow up to 2m long.

Plants will take 2-4 years to flower depending on conditions they are grown in. Given the correct growing conditions, Vanda orchids can, of course, flower any time of the year, but usually bloom cyclically every few months for up to 4 to 8 weeks at a time.


Max Height 30-60cm & Max Width 20-30cm

Growth Habit

Upright / Cascading. 


They grow well in a warm position with deep shade. Position the plant in dappled light. Use an orchid growing mix.


Because of their aerial roots and growing conditions, they need a lot of water. Take care not to damage the roots. Water orchids well throughout the growing season, allow them to become relatively dry over winter. The plants have a clever trick to let you know when to water; when they are white they are thirsty, when they are green, they have enough water. It is best to water the in the morning as they don't like it cold and wet.