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Anthurium Pheasant's Tail (Anthurium Schlechtendalli)

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Anthurium Pheasant's Tail is native to Mexico, especially on rainforest trees and rocks. It is an evergreen bird's nest anthurium that produces short 3-5cm stems and whitish green roots. 

In optimal warm and humid conditions, Anthurium Schlechtendalli will grow small 2mm flowers and bright red berry-like seeds. 

Anthurium Pheasant's Tail thrives in bright indirect light and well-draining soil that is kept moist. 

Botanical Name

Anthurium Schlechtendalli

Size (Can grow to)

60cm tall, 50cm spread in containers.


Well-lit, warm position indoors away from direct sunlight.


Medium. Water approx. oncer per week. Keep the Anthurium Schlechtendalli potting soil moist at all times. Mist aerial roots (roots that are above the ground) frequently. Fertilizer: Opt for a slow-release, this will encourage healthy foliage and flowering.