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Alocasia Venusta

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Alocasia Venusta is a stunning rare Jewel Alocasia variety. It features narrow green foliage with prominent veins and a slightly rubbery feel.

The Venusta produces thicker foliage similar to Alocasia Scalprum. It’s an eye-catching Alocasia variety that will add that bit of intrigue to your indoor space and a collector must-have!

Botanical Name

Alocasia Venusta

Size (Can grow to)

The plant forms erect petioles on which the rubbery leaves are formed. With a shrub-like structure, the Alocasia Venusta doesn’t grow taller than 1-2 feet. Its leaves can grow as long as 20 inches and 10 inches wide.


Well-lit position Indoors away from direct sunlight. Stunning outdoor shade plant - protected areas. 


Water moderately whenever the top 2cm of the soil becomes dry. Avoid soaking the soil in water as Alocasia Venusta doesn’t enjoy its roots sitting in soggy soil.