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Alocasia Melo

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A thick-leafed variety with prominent veins,  'Melo' features greenish-blue or jade leaves that grow impressively large for a terrestrial plant. It’s an eye-catching Alocasia variety that will add that bit of intrigue to your indoor space.

Botanical Name

Alocasia Melo

Size (Can grow to)

The plant forms erect petioles on which the rubbery leaves are formed. With a shrub-like structure, the Alocasia Melo doesn’t grow taller than 1-2 feet. Its leaves can grow as long as 20 inches and 10 inches wide.


Well-lit position Indoors away from direct sunlight. Stunning outdoor shade plant - protected areas. 


Water moderately whenever the top 2cm of the soil becomes dry. Avoid soaking the soil in water as Alocasia Melo doesn’t enjoy its roots sitting in soggy soil.