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Chinese Lucky Plant (Aglaonema Assorted)

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Adaptable, low-maintenance, hardy Aglaonema is one of the most common tropical plant variety that produces colourful foliage. Its common name is Chinese Evergreens. 

This beginner plant has upright, bold foliage that adds softness and colours to any living space. It thrives in bright indirect light, moderate water. 

The Aglaonema produces beautiful ornate leaves up to 20cm long in a clustering habit. To keep a plant compact, it must be allowed to grow to a reasonable size and the central growth must be removed. This will force the plant to cluster with much smaller planters. 

Botanical Name


Size (Can grow to)

Max Height 1m. Max Spread 1-1.2m. 


Well-lit position Indoors away from direct sunlight. Stunning outdoor shade plant - protected areas


Medium. Requires good draining soil. Foliage droops when require watering.