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African Milk Tree 'Red Devil' (Euphorbia Trigona Red)

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African Milk Tree (Euphorbia Trigona 'Red Devil') is a hardy, fast-growing species in a reddish green form. It will eventually grow into a small shrub up to two metres tall or kept small and compact when grown in containers. When encountering dryness or coldness in winter, it will defoliate to adapt. 

Please note: While not all succulents are poisonous, the white, milky sap of the African milk tree is mildly toxic and can irritate the skin and eyes. Be cautious when handling the plant, and consider wearing protective gloves. Wash your hands immediately after pruning, and keep the plant away from children and pets

Botanical Name

Euphorbia Trigona

Size (Can grow to)

Plant grows up to 8′ (2.5 m) tall and grows up to 5′ (1.5 m) wide

Growth Habit



Bright, indirect light, early morning sun will give a healthy amount of sun stress to keep those brilliant colours. If indoors, ensure it gets enough direct sun - a warm sunny spot is ideal. 


Low. Like most succulents the African Milk Tree require little water due to the ability to store water in its leaves, making it a low maintenance plant.