Commercial & Residential Plant Styling 

At Interior Jungle, we're all about creating a lasting impression with plants. 

Our commercial & residential plant styling service is personally tailored to your space or event. We will work with you directly to deliver a unique and tailored plant design that best suits your aesthetic and budget.

We assist you with design basics to help turn your space into your very own thriving interior jungle, whatever the size, space or event. Our design team will visit you onsite to assess natural lighting conditions, interior finishes and spatial requirements so that the plants and planters we choose work seamlessly with your space. 

With access to a diverse range of growers and suppliers across Australia, we source and deliver only the best plants and quality planters.

Best of all, our guaranteed maintenance program means you won't ever have to worry about your plants!  Our plant maintenance visits ensure that your plants will remain lush and healthy for years to come. 

Our Indoor Plant Services  

Indoor Plant Styling 

From design through to installation, our team of indoor plant experts will help create your very own Interior Jungle.

Plant Maintenance  

Our experienced plant technicians will regularly visit to maintain your plants so you don't have to. No fuss, leave it to us!

Indoor Plant Hire

Looking to greenify your space for an event, function or conference? Short term plant hire might be the perfect option for you! 

"Our unique and personal approach is what sets us apart"  


At our initial consultation we will talk through your ideas and goals for your space. Discuss your needs. Assess the lighting and other environmental conditions. 


With the concerted effort of our plant styling team, we will then curate plant styling recommendations for your space including the most suitable indoor plants and your preferred styles of planters for your space. 


Upon delivering our plant styling proposal, we will seek your feedback on the positions, styles and combinations of plants and planters. This is often done via a Zoom call where we will go over a design proposal with you.


Once you have approved the proposal, we will arrange a time and date for your delivery and installation of plants and planters.


We can provide you with a tailored plant care programme including pests prevention and control, fertilising and pruning. We offer Weekly, fortnightly and monthly programmes depending on your needs. Plant maintenance is optional.


Initial Phone Consultation: FREE
Initial Site Consultation: $149
There is no obligation to proceed with purchases following your initial consultation. For larger interstate projects please contact us

"We value long lasting relationships with our clients " 

Our clients are more like business partners. It shows in the client partnerships we’ve maintained with many big brands nationwide. Join the Interior Jungle team today!

Indoor Plant Styling 

Interior Jungle will assist you with the design elements of a fit-out and help maximise the impact of your indoor plant design. Our design team will listen, consider all of your ideas and goals for the space, and work with you to achieve your vision. We take into consideration the natural lighting conditions, interior finishes and spatial requirements so that the plants and planters we choose work seamlessly with your space. Our services includes:   

  • Commercial Plant Stying (offices, hospitality venues, retail spaces) 
  • Residential Plant Styling (all interior spaces, balconies, patios)  
  • Corporate Plant Styling (larger office complex, shopping centres)
  • Soft Landscaping (Indoor and Outdoor garden boxes, wall-gardens)
  • Plant and planter styling advice
  • Custom made and fitted shelving, planters, vertical gardens 

Plant Maintenance 

We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly plant care packages. Our experienced plant technicians will make regularly scheduled visits to your space when it is convenient for you. We bring all of our own tools and materials with us and leave your space verdant and clean after each visit. This indoor and outdoor plant maintenance service includes:

  • Watering of plants
  • Cleaning of plants 
  • Fertilising of plants
  • Plant Trimming and pruning 
  • Pest and disease prevention / control  
  • Replacement of deteriorating plants if necessary (for clients on a 12-month weekly maintenance program only)

Indoor Plant Hire

Looking to greenify a space for an event or function? At Interior Jungle we can help your event come to life with plants - literally! Short-term plant hire is an excellent way to brighten up a stage, exhibition space, studio or function room. Our team will even take care of setting them up too. No matter how grand or personal your event, the team at Interior Jungle would love to design the perfect Interior Jungle for you your next event.   

Our Indoor Plant Hire is available for short-term hire only. If you're needing a more long term solution than our Indoor Plant Styling & Maintenance might be for you. Our Indoor Plant Hire services are ideal for:

  • Corporate events and conferences
  • Product or new line launches  
  • Fashion launch / parade 
  • Weddings 
  • Expos, exhibitions and trade shows 
  • Staff event

Contact us today and let us style your next project!