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Tiger Fern (Boston Nephrolepis Variegata)

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Tiger Fern is a rare and spectacular cultivator that showcases exceptionally beautiful gold variegation. Just like the Boston fern, these gorgeous plants cascade with huge fronds, making them perfect hanging basket candidates. 

This harder to find variety is a must have for any plant collection. They're a reasonably fast growing plant. With the right care they will thrive into a huge and much loved plant. 

Botanical Name

Boston Nephrolepis Variegata

Size (Can grow to)

Extra Large 1 metre +

Growth Habit



Bright indirect light when grown indoors (outdoors, it prefers denser shade).


Medium. Keep the root ball moist at all times. If your Tiger Fern is sitting in a somewhat dry area (instead of humid), mist with water frequently to keep moist.