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Cocos Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana)

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Cocos Palms are a tall and narrow palm that create a tropical and elegant feel to any space. They are generally grown as an outdoor palm in warm to cool climates and used widely in landscaping and around pools. They work particularly well on patio, balconies or indoor spaces where there is plenty of light.

Please note:  Due to the size of this plant it is only available for Metro Melbourne customers in-store, Delivery or Click and Collect.

Pet Safe

Yes, Cocos Palm are non-toxic to dogs and cats 

Botanical Name

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Size (Can grow to)

Indoors in a pot Max Growth Height: 2-3m Max Width: 1-1.5m Outside in the ground Growth Height — 4-6m Max Width — 1-1.5m

Growth Habit



Well lit spaces with part or full shade. Avoid full afternoon sun, early morning sun is ideal. Preferring a shaded position in the garden, this palm will also grow well in pots and containers making it a spectacular addition to your courtyard, patio or indoors.


Medium water. It is grown best in moist, well-drained soil. When the weather is dry and hot, mist spray the foliage several times a day. This will keep it cool and help deter pests. Palms love being taken outside regularly as it helps prevent pests, diseases and encourages photosynthesis.