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Maughan's Haworthia (Haworthia truncata var. maughanii)

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This Haworthia is part of our Premium Succulent Collection.

Native to South Africa, Haworthia truncata are the ultimate Haworthia species and probably one of the slowest growing. Maughan's Haworthia has adapted to grow underground with only part of the foliage above earth surface to avoid herbivores. This haworthia will reach 8 to 9cm in 5 to 10 years and will eventually produce rare offsets when mature.

Pet Friendly 
Yes, while most cacti plants aren't poisonous to your pet, the chemical composition of the cacti sap can cause gastrointestinal ailments to your little friends. Plant has spines; use extreme caution when handling. Stems may be cut an regrown. 

Botanical Name 
Haworthia truncata var. maughanii 

Common Names include:
Maughan's Haworthia

Size (Can grow to)
Slow growing. Shortly cylindrical, 8 to 9cm in 5 to 10 years. 

Best grown in containers in well-drained cacti and succulent mix; any partial shade and protected outdoor positions. Not suited for garden growing. Indoors only in well-lit positions.

Can be watered over warmer months but must be allowed to almost dry between waterings. In cold, damp climates winter watering should be avoided. Surface must be dry between waterings.