“Sprout” the new Interior Jungle blog

“Sprout” the new Interior Jungle blog

Hello and welcome to “Sprout” the new Interior Jungle blog.  

We hope you’ll find these monthly musings informative, educational and most importantly – inspiring!

Today though, we thought we’d kick off by telling you a bit about ourselves and our business.

Interior Jungle is a healthy plant business run by us, partners Andy and Aaron.

We live in Melbourne because of the culture, vibe and coffee and have recently adopted a beautiful 16-week-old whippet called Arlo.

We specialise in interior plant styling for homes, businesses and schools. Yep, that’s right…schools! You see by day we are teachers (Andy a primary school teacher and Aaron wrangling the teens at a secondary college) but by night (and weekends and any other spare time we have) we manage our thriving plant business. Yes, we are obsessed with plants.

 We sell plants through our online store at www.interiorjungle.com.au and at local farmers markets such as The Bayside Farmers Market and the Beaumaris Farmers Market.  We also have Cherie in Adelaide who works in the business part time. We have known her for years and she has always been an indoor crazy plant person!

We love the beauty and magic plants bring to all spaces because they are visually appealing, they purify the air we breathe and are good for our wellbeing and for our environment.

Maybe it is something to do with our teaching backgrounds but we both believe that educating people about plants and how to care for them is a crucial part of our business and we are very passionate about it.

So how did we get here…? 

It started as a hobby. We were thinking of selling a couple of plants here and there, we did not think anything BIG would happen. In our last house we had a small veggie patch and grew our own fruits and vegetables and it was rewarding to have chillies and carrots picked fresh from our garden.  In our new home we started out with $100 and bought a couple of monsteras and sold them from our lounge room.  We put all the money we made from plant sales back into the business to keep it going and growing.

As our business expanded, we gutted out the garage and turned it into a shop. Then we got onto Facebook Marketplace, hooked into social media and got mobile doing markets and pop up events, and it has all snowballed from there. 

It all starts with a good teacher…

In the early days of the business, Andy was working at a kinder, and introduced planting and gardening, getting the children involved in making worm farms and encouraging sustainability programs to flourish. He really enjoys researching about our plants so he can pass on knowledge to our customers about how to care for them.

Becoming a teacher for Aaron was an accident in some ways as he had either considered himself making movies in L.A (dream on?) or as landscaper. His love of plants goes way back, mainly because of his parents whose garden looks like the Botanical Gardens. Even from the young age of 3 he had family gardening days but is now convinced that his mum encouraged this in order to help her do the weeding.


Education is a key component of what we do and over the next few years we want Interior Jungle to bloom into more than just a plant retailer.  We have heard people say ‘I don’t want too many plants because then I will need to spend all day watering them’. But we always tell them, we find joy in that bit. We like watching them grow, trimming the leaves and looking after them. That’s part of the joy of owning a plant!

Some things you just buy and you don’t need to know anything about them… but plants are different. They are a living thing, so it’s good to know what you are doing but not be afraid if a plant dies because that too is part of the life cycle. That’s where we come in!

Even though we deal in plants, the key to our business is the people…

We have a range of really passionate growers both interstate and locally and some plants we grow ourselves. However, our mindset has evolved from ‘just selling plants’ to seeking out what our customers really want and then working out how we can best serve them. Our business has grown with a purpose in mind and we enjoy talking to our ‘market groupies’ (you know who you are) and our customers so that our relationships are more than just transactional.

Part of relationship building in the business comes from our teaching experience and having the skills to integrate that into our business has been important to us.

Sprout will come into your inboxes on the last Sunday of each month, packed to the brim with all our knowledge of all thing’s plants, such as:

  • How to care for your plants and keep them healthy
  • Plant styling tips
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Useful links to other websites and resources of interest

If you have a specific question or topic you’d love us to discuss, please drop us a line info@interiorjungle.com.au or message us via Instagram @interior_jungle_ and if you know someone who could use some ‘plantspiration’ then please share our details – their plants will thank you for it!

Thanks for reading and we hope your own interior jungles continue to thrive. 

Aaron & Andy


Andrea Philipsen

Dear Andy and Aaron,
Thank you for helping me select a Fiddle Leaf Fig as a surprise Xmas gift for my husband.
He absolutely loved it and it’s flourishing just as you suggested it would!
Thank you also for helping me choose the perfect pot by trying the Fig in almost every pot in the store, your patience is much appreciated and resulted in a purchase I couldn’t be happier with!


Hi Guys,

This was such a fantastic read, I really like way openly talk about your passion for plants and reasons for trying to encourage others to also have a passion. I think that your model of building positive relationships with your clients will be a breath of fresh air.

I look forward to buying more plants from you.

Julie Aldridge

Well done guys, a great name for a great blog. I’m sure you will be in high demand with your knowledge of plants and expertise in styling with them. Thanks for helping with the weeding 😘

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