Planter vs Plant Stand

Can't decide how to style your indoor plants? Here is a quick guide with the pros and cons to help you choose the design best suited to your space.

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Plant Stand


One of the greatest advantage of styling with plant stands indoors is to add height to your indoor plants. Medium compact house plants, such as, Philodendron Xanadu and Chinese Evergreens often can easily blend into the background. The extra height adds more interest to the bushy greenery.

Plant stands also work really well with established tall plants in spaces with high ceiling and empty corners. For safety reasons around pets and young children, these taller designs work well in high traffic areas.

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Another benefit of styling with plant stands is the wide variety of materials and textures they can offer. Elegant wooden legs or minimalist metal designs can help tie in the different elements in your space.

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Unfortunately, there are some limitations to these gorgeous elevated planters. Most indoor plant stands are not designed to be potted directly into and have limited capacity. Hence, they can only accommodate up to a certain size grower's pots. If you are thinking about a large mature plant, you are better off choosing a planter instead.

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When styling your indoors plants with planters or commonly called pots, they offer a lot more options in terms of styles, textures, materials, colours and sizes. For instance, larger planters, especially, are a fantastic home for larger tree-like indoor plants, which can easily become your statement piece.

Compared to some top-heavy plant stands, a planter can sometimes be the better options in windy positions, such as, balconies and decking.

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Some plant pots or planters have a traditional design for outdoor use with a drainage hole. When styling with your indoor plants, don't forget to find a suitable plastic saucer for your plants.

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Overall, both planters and plant stands have a lot to offer. It depends on the space, positions and the indoor plants you are styling. Speak to one of our friendly staff for more advice!

Need help with plant styling?

We are professional indoor plant stylists. Our team of plant experts can come out to your space, commercial or residential, for a no-obligation consultation. We regularly work with property developers, interior stylists and small business owners. Visit here for more info.

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