3 indoor plant styling tips for your interior

Looking to elevate your interior with some gorgeous plants? Here is a quick guide of using greenery to make your space more inviting.

Giant Bird of Paradise | Interior Jungle

Go Big or Go Home

A good starting point for plant styling is to find an established plant with height or large foliage. This adds interest to your space and the plant can easily become your wow factor.

To style an established plant, don't be afraid to use an oversized decorative planter to make your plant look even bigger.

Set of three Twill Planters | Interior Jungle

Set of three

An easy way to ensure the planters will blend into your space is to go with a trio. As the colour and texture are already the same, it saves you the hassle and time of picking three individual planters that will compliment each other. All you will need to do is to choose plants to fit in them: a tall one, a bushy one and a small one.

Pick a theme

Whether you are a minimalist advocate or broad leaf lover, it is easier to style when you have an overarching theme for your plants corners. For instance, a rough-looking European Fan Palm goes very well with an African Milk Tree as they both belong to the Palm Springs style. Or, if you are a big fan of the tropical look, you can style your interior with various palms, philodendrons and elephant ears. 

Overall, there are many different ways you can style your interiors depending on the sizes and types of plants, and the theme of your space. 

Need help with plant styling?

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