How to care for your palm this autumn

Palms are one of the most common and almost easiest plants grown in Australia outdoors. However, growing a palm indoor presents a few challenges. Here is a quick guide on how to care for your palms as we approach the colder months.

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Most palms thrive in bright to medium indirect light. Depending on the palm variety, some palms like the European Fan Palm and Cardboard Palm can tolerate full sun in bright positions.

As we approach the colder months and have less day light, it is worth checking whether your palms are receiving enough light. Similar to being overwatered, a few signs that your palm is not receiving enough light include:

1. Soil constantly remains damp or wet
2. Fronds are yellowing or have brown blemishes
3. Little to no growth

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Palms loves lots of water as most palm species originates from the tropics. However, that does not mean they like to be water-logged. Making sure that your palm is not sitting in water and its soil is dry out between watering is very important to the health of your plant.

This plant family love well-draining soil, such as, a slightly sandy or bark-like soil. If your palm starts to struggle with signs of being waterlogged, an easy solution is to repot it with some cacti and succulent mix to improve drainage.

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One of the most common conditions for palms grown indoors is a lack of humidity. If you happen to turn the heater on, misting, grouping your indoor plants or a turning on a humidifier can help avoid brown foliage on your palm.

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Palms are more susceptible to pests when grown indoors. If you see little white fluff on your palm, chances are it has attracted mealy bugs. Application and reapplication of organic products, such as, neem oil can help exterminate these pests.

Also, if your plant is heavily infested with pests, it is better off to cut the individual frond first before conducting pest control.

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