Here's how you can grow a 2-metre long trailing plant

Love the trailing look and not sure where to start? We've got you! Here are a few tips for growing happy trailing plants.

2-metre long Heart Leaf Philodendron | Interior Jungle

A lot of you have asked about this massive trailing plant that often shows up on our Insta. This is a Heart Leaf Philodendron that we have grown for more than five years and we cut it back every year because it grows so much!

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Most indoor plants thrive in bright indirect light, so places like 2-3 metres away from a window or door are perfect.

What's special about most trailing plant is that they are a bit more low-light tolerant. In very low light conditions, they will produce smaller leaves.

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The easiest way to not forget about watering your plants is to tie it in with your cleaning routine. The trailing plants generally require watering once a week.

As we are heading into the colder months, make sure you test the soil with your finger. If the soil is quite damp, skip watering for a week.


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Feeding your plants regularly is one of the key component for healthy, full trailing plants.

You can dilute a concentrate in a watering can to a 'weak tea' colour. That way you water your plants as well as you fertilise.

Or, you can opt for slow-release fertilisers that you simply place on the top of the soil and the plants will absorb the nutrients as you water them.

Ideally, house plants love getting nutrients every week but every once a fortnight or a month is fine, too.


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A quick tip to make your trailing plants lush and full is to cut back the growing tips. You can simply remove the first one or two leaves at the end of the trails.

It may sound a bit scary to cut it back but your plants will start producing new leaves at its base or any other parts of the stem. And over time, this will make your trailing plant a lot more compact and lush.

This trick works so well especially when you have a plant that has only one or two stems.

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